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My 2022 Failure Report

Let me start by saying that I am quite happy 2022 is over as it was arguably the most challenging year so far. I had a lot planned for it, but everything got derailed when my biggest fear in life came true in February and I got diagnosed with cancer. This led to me facing a lot of unknowns, losing my stoic mindset, and thus the following failures.

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My 2019 Failure Report

Here is my failure report for 2019. This includes the list of my failures, how did I improve on what I failed upon in 2018, and what is my mindset as I move into 2020.

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A Christian Stoic?

How can you be a Christian and a Stoic at the same time? Don’t they contradict each other? I get asked this question often recently, so I thought to write a little about my thoughts on a complicated, yet interesting topic.

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